World Stroke Day

Yesterday as we are all well aware, was World Stroke Day and many fabulous people tweeted to help raise greater awareness of stroke.  They gave their individual reasons of why it is important to them.

As survivors ourselves we know only too well how lonely and difficult it is, not to mention frightening, when we return to our home environment and all help has stopped.

You are probably already aware that as a result of my book ‘Two Strokes Not Out’, being published, I fell into the role of mentoring, not only fellow survivors but family members too.

My main message this World Stroke Day was to highlight to those who do not already realise, the importance of people like us and our families having someone who has experienced a stroke to turn to when we feel isolated and afraid.

For this reason I have shared the link below of something we filmed to illustrate exactly this. I would have liked to have attached a video of me explaining more, but the file was simply too big to put into the blog so I will post that on Twitter now,

The power of the patient mentoring as we know is invaluable and should these days have a formal role within the rehabilitation program.

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