This a very short and sweet or should I say a spicy little number this week?!

 Many of us following stroke have additional aches and pains, some as a result of stroke others because our mobility is limited therefore we become more still and tendons etc tighten and shorten.

As a result we may have fallen into the habit of taking regular painkillers and as a result coupled with our mobility issues struggling with the discomfort from constipation as just one of the side effects possibly headaches as another.

 It had been identified that populations with high intakes of turmeric in their diets, as a curry spice have lower rates of joint damage and arthritis – so studies began.

 The key element of turmeric is cur cumin which comes from the turmeric plant underground. The stems are boiled, dried and finally ground producing this medicinal powder, as we know it Turmeric. Scientific studies discovered that turmeric interrupts the chemical pathways signalling mechanisms involved in joint inflammation and arthritis. The powerful effect has been welcomed by doctors as an alternative to long term use of painkillers. The added benefit there are no side effects.

We could consider including it in our weekly cooking more often perhaps, we do not need to make everything super spicy but remain mindful of this and make a few adjustments whilst planning and preparing our weekly meals. Hopefully as a result you will begin to feel the benefits from these few changes.

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