Time to Reflect

With Christmas now behind us and the New Year fast approaching people have many mixed emotions, some people love New Year while others feel the exact opposite and even find it sad. This can be a particularly difficult time for some stroke survivors, particularly those affected by Post-Stroke Emotionalism (PSE). This causes uncontrollable, unprovoked crying after having a stroke and feeling depressed and or anxious. There is still very little known about how and why it can continue so long after stroke.

The Stroke Association has funded a study to learn more about this condition, which will be led by Dr Niall Broomfield – Head of Stroke Neuropsychology at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. He is confident the findings will help overcome this impact in the future.

For now I think it is important we stop and remind ourselves, especially as stroke survivors of exactly what we have done and enjoyed this year and celebrate all our personal achievements each and every one of them. This way we go into 2015 with the fighting spirit and self-belief required to continue our journey of recovery and to begin the year in a positive frame of mind.

With this thought for most in mind: how about nominating someone for the ‘Life After Stroke Awards 2015’. Think of someone you have perhaps met at a stroke group, a fellow survivor who you believe to be truly inspirational, a healthcare professional, or a carer, that person who really has gone that extra mile to help you.

You can get your form at stroke.org.uk/lasa but it will need to be completed and submitted by 30th January 2015. Start the year by making someone happy, if they were to win you then would go to the awards ceremony in London.

Let’s start the year by continuing the progress positivity and helping one another.

I wish you all and your families a healthy and happy 2015

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