Three times no show.

It was a normal day, a routine medical appointment, when my mobile rang something made me answer this call. A voice the other end questioned why I was not at my home, I was told I was meant to be there for an assessment regarding my Personal Independent Payment PIP, (which replaces the Disability Living Allowance), as this person was currently waiting outside my door?!

This was a complete shock to me, first I had heard of any such appointment. Some weeks or months ago we had received paperwork through the post informing me of the changes etc. and Nick had returned everything including a court document stating I was to be left alone, not reassessed until July or August of this year, I forget which it is. At the end of April of this year we had correspondence stating we would hear again sometime in the future, likely to be between 21 to 26 weeks or something to that effect, so you can imagine how shocked and distressed I became as the call continued for a minute or two. I somehow felt like a naughty school girl, as though I was in the wrong when clearly I was not.

A few weeks later we received a letter from Capita telling me I had an appointment to be reassessed clearly ignoring the court paper! I prepared for the interview. By prepare I mean Nick rearranged meetings so he could attend, got relevant paperwork together as requested, and I had an early night the day prior to the appointment. I really struggle in the mornings and knew this would be difficult for me to concentrate.

The time came and went no one arrived or phoned an hour later. We thought maybe due to the people they visit they had been delayed after all we all have difficulties, and we are in an area with poor signal so gave them the benefit of doubt they were still on their way, or so we thought. Not a call at all, nothing. Nick eventually phoned the number on the letter which is, guess what, a call centre. They hadn’t a clue who was due to visit, where they were, why they had not turned up or how to contact them. We were simply told to make another appointment, no understanding of the situation.

As if this wasn’t bad enough following the second letter and appointment the very same thing happened again!

After receiving the third letter detailing the next appointment we decided that on the day before we would phone up just to confirm that it was still on. When we phoned Nick was told, oh yes that has been cancelled by whoever was going to visit, no reason, again no thought, empathy or help, just another request to make another one.

It feels as though we are considered second rate citizens, we are disabled, do nothing with our lives, simply sit at home all day every day so it really does not matter if they mess us around!! It has left me feeling really unwell and other people even worse I am sure. I have forced myself to remain awake when I need to rest in case they turn up, this has caused me to be unwell for a couple of days to follow, but do they care or understand!!

It makes me question, who are these people doing the assessments? They, clearly in my view, are not people who have any understanding of brain injury.

I have another appointment date now for this week I think, or the following week but it clearly isn’t worth the paper it is written on. I hope there are not lots of you out there experiencing similar difficulties as a result of these people.

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