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  • Hi Sas, I emailed earlier and forgot to say that I am Rutland Mum on Twitter. I have come away on holiday with Viking River Cruises and the whole experience is a living hell. The airline has lots both my suitcase and my rollator. In effect, I am trapped on the boat with just the clothes I am standing up in. Viking have said that I need to take the matter up with the airline but of course, my contract is with Viking and it is they who I will be suing when I return to the UK. Can you imagine, I was forced to climb 13 steps to a small aircraft in front of all of the passengers. I was forced to crawl onto a Viking River Tours bus in front of all of the passengers and I was forced to crawl off again in front of all of the passengers. They have stripped me of my dignity and have humiliated me in front of a crowd of strangers. They have now realized that my husband and I mean business and have bought us new clothes and toiletries but still our luggage and more to the point my rollator are missing which in turn means that we are missing out on the trips and excursions. We have paid over 4,000.00 for this trip and have been left angry and frustrated. The on board General Manager has now taken control and some progress is being made but the Programme Director, effectively our first point of contact, simply has not spoken to us at all. Can you give us any advice. On the plus side, we have complained so loudly that they have changed our flights home at the end of the week to direct flights to our local airport rather than routing via Amsterdam.
    Rutland Mum AKA Anthea Goodger

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