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Testimonial Update from Alan Sanson

“An absolute must read. Sas, her partner and their sons’ very real life experiences will have you crying, and will have you laughing. The ups, the downs, then ups, then downs, then ups will fill you with deep emotion. Well they did me.

Sas educates you in so many ways. Most of all she will inspire you to being a more understanding, caring, and better person. Her ideas will help you to improve your own mind and body health and wellbeing.

From Sas’s experiences there is so much to learn by us all (by no means only for people affected by a Stroke). This is not a once-only read, you will read it over and over.

Thank you Sas, Nick and Henry for sharing your amazing experiences. You have definitely changed me for the better.


Testimonial from Rita Aspinall

Sas’s account as a stroke survivor is eloquent, honest, informative and at times touching. She takes you through all aspects of life after a stroke. Her own experience enables her to show empathy combined with practical solutions.

I urge everyone who has had a stroke or knows someone who has to read this book.

But what really shines through is Sas’s positive mental attitude. Even at times, when she feels very low she manages to overcome her emotions and offers hope for those who undergo the same process. It is indeed a lesson so many of us can learn and apply to our own circumstances, whether we have had a stroke, another illness or simply want to enrich our lives.

Rita Aspinall

Testimonial from –  Tony Banks, Event Manager, Life After Stroke Awards

“Sas Freeman gives an open and honest account of her personal experience of stroke in this sincere piece of writing. Through sharing intimate details of her own recovery since suffering a stroke she will no doubt inspire others who are also recovering. Sas received a highly commended nomination in 2013 & 2014 for a Courage Award in the Stroke Association’s Life After Stroke Awards. A stroke happens in an instant and often changes lives forever. The Life After Stroke Awards highlight the tremendous courage people have shown in rebuilding their lives after a stroke or helping others to do the same. Sas’s story is inspirational and there is no doubt she is worthy of this special recognition. At the Stroke Association we believe in life after stroke and are leading a community to change the world for people affected by this devastating condition. It’s absolutely evident after reading ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ that Sas Freeman has demonstrated inspirational courage in overcoming personal, physical and emotional challenges as a result of her stroke.

Tony Banks, Event Manager, Life After Stroke Awards

I have a quote from Daisy Dighton PR Officer (South) from the Stroke Association below:

Sas Freeman’s account of her stroke is motivational, inspirational, insightful, practical and all inclusive. Recovery from stroke is a lifelong journey. Sas provides a hopeful, practical, and informative roadmap that explains her journey in life after stroke. Sas guides the reader through lifestyle strategies that will lead to a healthy and happy life after stroke. Sas is a media case study for the Stroke Association, helping to raise awareness of stroke through sharing her personal experience, and representing the Stroke Association by speaking out in the local and national media. At the Stroke Association we know we need to change how people think about this devastating disease. But we can’t do it on our own. We need to work with people like Sas, who share our commitment to changing the world for people affected by stroke. Sas’ ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ proves that there is life after stroke, and together we can conquer stroke.

 After a stroke many stroke survivors face communication problems, and reading can be a challenge. With the audiobook feature to ‘Two Strokes Not Out’, Sas has managed to ensure that all stroke survivors have access to her account – this could be whilst in hospital, at home, and even allows for family members or carers to take it all in whilst on the go.


3 Responses to “Testimonials

  • This should make you very proud of what you have achieved. Nick

  • Testimonial from down under: A read with lots of really good advise not only for stroke survivors (like me 24 years post stroke) but also a great resource for family and for caregivers giving them an insight into what having a stroke is about and the recovery process. Here in Hamilton New Zealand we have featured Sas Freeman’s book in our Stroke Foundation Hamilton newsletter in July 2014 and June 2015 Newsletters copies of which can be read on our website http://www.strokefoundationhamilton.co.nz we also have the benefit in New Zealand of having her how to do make up video and others on the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand web site. Thank you Sas you are a real inspiration to the stroke community world wide thank you for sharing your stroke journey with us.

  • I forgot to mention in my last post that Sas Freemans book is now also available as a free audio book down load, for those that would like the luxury of hearing Sas read her own book.

    I understand this has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of Bayer.

    And most importantly the audio book will be a great help to those stroke people who have difficulty reading or holding a book or suffer one of the many forms of aphasia following a stroke that prevents them from reading written material.

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