Stroke, Numbers & logic?!

£14.95 including P&P payable via PayPal to – £2 from each sale donated to stroke awareness

Before the stroke I like to think that I had a good, or at least normal command and understanding numbers. These days sadly it doesn’t apply! Try as I may when paying for something in a shop I could be given any amount of change as suddenly under pressure of time trying to calculate the transaction that has just occurred, however simple, the breaks of my mind slam on fully and I have no understanding at all.

This is what has happened regarding my book. Ten days from now, I take delivery of my book “Two Strokes not Out”. This is an exciting long awaited moment, and I have every belief in its power to help fellow survivors and their families. However I take delivery of a thousand!

My partner Nick, my friends, Eamonn & Gaz who are helping me with the printing all questioned this figure for the first print run. My brain wondered why they were doing so, what was their problem? My book will help people, I am donating £2 from the sale of each copy to stroke awareness so additional people will benefit too. Why was I being questioned?

Now ten days to go before delivery I wake each night with nothing less than panic as the realisation has dawned of receiving a thousand books in fifteen huge boxes. Winter approaching they cannot be outside, where will they go?! What have I done? I appear to have lost my sense of numbers and of logic. HELP!


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