Saying No & Feeling Okay

Part of trying to deal with stroke as we know only too well is accepting all the things we are no longer able to do, this in itself is very difficult. So when we find things we can manage, we run the risk of overdoing it,  even if we know it may make us feel unwell as a result. Sound familiar?

It is almost as though the button of reason and reality no longer functions within us, we may be aware we should not do anymore, or what is being asked of us, yet we are somehow trying to prove to ourselves that we are capable of more than we actually are. You may say, it is this within us that has enabled us to get this far. Equally, it can be that same thing that lands us in situations we dread.

We may be asked to do something we would rather not do and having a brain injury, some people will assume we will naturally accept, and proceed to tell us the arrangements. If on the other hand, it is something we would enjoy, then brilliant, but if it is something that fills us with dread or just would rather not do then promise yourself you will decline – learn to say no.

Why is this little word so difficult to use?

We have already lost some control over our lives so owe it to ourselves to start doing more of what serves us well and doesn’t cause additional stress. If it is something that puts us under pressure or we fear to do, then we must learn to protect ourselves more and simply say “No thank you”.

By doing more of what we benefit from and less of what makes us feel worse, can only help our family members too, as we won’t be so worked up or anxious about things and hopefully in some cases, confidence may improve too.

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