Recapping on the week

This week I have been fortunate enough to be given a fabulous opportunity that will also in time help to benefit others. For now I am unable to release any further information but promise to share everything when the time is right. Meanwhile, I will close by saying it is connected to my book and my recovery so far. So as the line goes, watch this space!

As a result of the recent Budget I read one person’s comments talking of their sadness that George Osbourne has failed to invest in the lives of disabled people, which is yet another betrayal of the Paralympic legacy.

It appears they are going to cut the amount paid to disabled people claiming ESA (Employment Support Allowance). This will be reduced by as much as £30 per week to those people they consider deemed fit to work.

Currently the unemployment rate amongst disabled peopled stands at 47% and the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development announced recently that there are still huge problems and hurdles preventing companies from employing people with disabilities.

George Osbourne should have made it a lot easier for employers to take on people with disabilities and offer these companies incentives enabling them to be in a position to offer tax breaks.

We certainly have come a long way fighting for the rights and acceptance of people with disabilities,  yet sadly still a huge mountain to climb to reach equal opportunities.

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