Reasons for good old fashioned manners

School holidays over and winter term begins, uniforms bought and school runs begin again. This is also when children start catching colds & flu and often bring home the same to family members, particularly if a family member has a low immune system.

It is time now to stress and install into children the importance of simple manners, i.e. the habit of putting their hand in front of their mouth when they cough or sneeze.

This may sound obvious but you will be surprised at the amount of people who forget this simple task. Equally remind children of the importance of simple hygiene, washing their hands so as not to spread infection, and as a parent remember your role and responsibility to keep your child off school when they are at the stage of being infectious to others, also to keep your child’s vaccinations up to date. I know I sound like an old woman going on but there is good cause I believe for doing so.

According to a study in paediatric stroke published in the journal Neurology earlier this month   children who had experienced a stroke  were twelve times more likely to have had an infection within the previous three days. Now this obviously does not mean children who have a cold will go on to have a stroke there will be many other contributory factors but children who are vulnerable, i.e. ones who have say sickle -cell anaemia or congenital heart disease would perhaps become more vulnerable?

The study suggested that the thinking behind their findings is that infection triggers inflammatory effect, which could make blood more prone to clotting it could also possibly affect the blood vessel lining, causing it to narrow which could trigger a stroke.

Remember, this is a study and I am not medical but where is the harm in being careful and making sure a few good old-fashioned manners & habits are in place?

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