Purple People with Purpose


I would like to start this week’s blog with a big thank for the wonderful reception and support that last week’s blog ‘Fifty Shades of Stroke’ received

Already we are almost into March, so May is not far off and as many of you are aware May is the Stroke Association’s ‘Action on Stroke Month’. Please help us to ‘Make May Purple for Stroke’ join in and become ‘Purple People with Purpose’.

How about ‘Fifty Shades of Purple’ for May with the objective of raising awareness in the young?

It has long been thought that stroke is an old person’s condition, there are still too many people out there who believe, as I did, they are too young, healthy, slim etc. How WRONG are we?! I along with many others had my first stroke at a young age.

This is why I believe if we support ‘Action on Stroke’ throughout May, especially with young people getting involved, wearing, knitting, baking or painting it purple, this message will spread wider and louder. The young listen to each other. Parents will also listen, stop and think.

Stroke is closer than you think and CAN be prevented, so by raising this awareness people DONT have to end up as I and others have. That has to be good.

This is all well and good you say, but, what is my idea, I hear you ask? What is Purple People with Purpose?  

Time to explain: if during the whole of May you could do a couple of things, it would be doing tremendous good, and become a bit of fun.

Firstly, each day to support the Stroke Association throughout the whole of the month you have fun, going purple and raising money to conquer stroke. Get involved and wear, knit, bake or paint it purple, people hopefully will notice and ask why and give. I realise it is more difficult for the chaps, but you get the idea.

Secondly, one day during that month, you go along, with a friend to one of the free blood pressure check points which are run by the Stroke Association across the country throughout the year. Knowing your blood pressure is so vital. Recognising a condition such as Atrial Fibrillation (AF) means you can have the correct treatment from your GP and a stroke can be prevented. Gone unnoticed it can cause a stroke, at any age. If at the same when you are having your blood pressure taken you and your friend would, each, kindly donate £1 to my ‘Just Giving page’ on this website which goes to help raise greater awareness still.

We urgently need to fund more research to help prevent stoke and be there for people to live well with life after stroke. But we can’t do it without you.

I mentioned, young people having a more powerful voice in this message of Awareness. For that reason my son, Henry, who is currently at University in Cardiff, is going to start the ‘Purple People with Purpose’ for us. If you know anyone at a University anywhere else willing to do the same PLEASE ask them to contact me, it would be fabulous. I can then blog mentioning their name, where they are raising awareness and thank them. They are our Powerful People with Purpose, the loudest voices.

We can then tell Jac, who is currently in hospital following a stroke, just how many young people across the country are prepared to help raise awareness. He is 17, was hoping to have a career as a footballer and stroke struck, he’s currently recovering in hospital in London.

Please come on board, have fun, be ‘Purple People with Purpose’ for May.

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