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My friend Sas has not been very well – she has pericarditis, which I believe is a very painful inflammation of the lining that encases the heart.

I thought I’d give readers an up-date and write this week’s blog for my inspiring friend.

It has never ceased to amaze me how tirelessly Sas has been working to raise the profile of stroke survivors. Also, it has never failed to impress me, no matter how she felt, she would always look lovely, wearing discreet but enhancing make-up and stylish clothes. I am sure we have all had days when we ask the question why bother and in particular when the stroke survivor has physical disabilities.
Lately I have been feeling very tired and to combat it I went on varies health sites to give me ideas to improve my energy levels. They all mentioned the more or less obvious ranging from getting more sleep to doing exercise. Several sites also mentioned one idea that is so obvious yet hadn’t crossed my mind. Dress smartly, even at home, as it discourages tiredness. Please note here that I do not want to undervalue anyone who suffers from serious sleeping problems and clearly those do need to seek medical advice. However, in my situation it could work. Old jogging bottoms and a tatty but comfy T-shirt give me a different mind-set to one when I wear smart clothes. And mind-set is the essence.

I am sure Sas thinks on similar lines. But it goes so much further: to have respect for yourself and for others and of course to give you more confidence. Important for anyone but in particular to those who have had a life changing illness.

Sas, with the help of the Stroke Association, produced a really series of helpful video from how to apply make-up to styling hair after a stroke. View them all on YouTube. Paste the links below into your browser to view the series, Stroke survivor make-up tutorial

She hopes to be better by next week so please do check, she has certainly not forgotten you!

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