Positive Purple Power

This week’s blog is talking once again of benefits to be gained from simple everyday things available to us.I am referring to foods and the benefits they offer to our health, not to mention the fun cheery colour in appearance. The pigment that gives the blue-violet colour to fruit and vegetables is called anthocyanin. The benefit of anthocyanin to us is that it is a powerful antioxidant and protects our cells from damage.

Purple coloured foods have many health benefits, for example reducing the risk of heart disease, helping to protect against cancer, strengthening memory and slowing down the ageing process, and helping in preventing paralysis. So not only are they a fabulous feast of colours on our plates, but they help us against the most common battles and problems associated with cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

So having said how beneficial they are, the question arises what are they and when are they in season? One of the most widely grown vegetables in the autumn and winter across the world is red cabbage.  This is brilliant at protecting our immune system, supports the nervous system and is quite rich in antioxidants and vitamin K.  It helps increase brain function and concentration. This has to be good for us stroke survivors don’t you agree?

Beetroot is another of our purple-rich foods,  It contains high amounts of protein. It contains folate, potassium, niacin, and vitamins, A, C, E and K. It also contains calcium, copper, magnesium, and iron. It has a host of benefits.  It is useful in preventing cardiovascular diseases, protects internal organs, it helps remove poisons from the liver and cleans the blood. It helps reduce things like hair loss, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, liver diseases, and hives. It also reduces itchiness and has a calming effect. It protects against cancer.

The next super vegetable is the purple carrot, this is good news for people either with or borderline diabetes. The purple carrot reduces the risk of diabetes by half. It is good for our eyesight and has the disabling effects of disturbances that may occur in the eyes. They strengthen our immune system, it eases ulcer and stomach discomfort and provides energy.

Sticking with the colour purple, blueberries are another power food, they are bursting with antioxidants and help us fight against cancer cells, particularly prostate and breast cancer. Blueberries also help protect the heart and help reduce the risk of heart disease. They protect the brain and the retina against problems caused by age and sunlight.

Another fruit is the Acai grape, this contains vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium, magnesium, zinc and copper. This is grown in Brazil. It helps reduce the signs of aging and accelerates the metabolism. It is high in fibre, low in sugar, high in vitamin C unsaturated fatty acid (omega 3).

So between the above list, we can easily mix some purple selection into weekly meals by adding at least one to our daily choices. The red cabbage, of course, can be used as a salad or cooked.

Try to add a touch of purple power to your meals from now on, and see how you can make it a habit. in doing so you will help yourself improve the intake of these beneficial superfoods, and at the same time benefit from what they have to offer.

Enjoy plenty of Positive Purple Power.


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