Positive achievements & positive people


I would be lying if I said it was easy trying to remain always positive following a stroke and continually putting effort into recovery, especially when benefits may not always be visible. But without working at recovery and holding belief in it being possible, it won’t happen to its full potential.

Try to focus on a goal that is achievable and work solely on that, remembering also to rest sufficiently too. Once you have finally achieved that goal, congratulate yourself, celebrate it and set the next goal. Each time keeping the goals realistic enough that they are achievable, this way you will not only notice improvements but emotionally feel better. By feeling better, it will increase your energy and desire to put greater effort.

As you talk to fellow survivors at stroke groups and exchange stories on achievements you can help one another with tips of how you have achieved certain goals and tasks or simply motivate each other. As you get comments regarding your improvements you will feel better in your health & better about yourself and your self-confidence will grow.

All these things help moral which is a huge thing, especially in stroke survivors as many struggle with depression at some stage.

If you find it difficult to get started, finding the right exercises, ways of how to reach goals or simply managing, you can contact the Life After Stroke Centre through the Stroke Association. Not only do they provide information, advice & support plus many different activities daily, they also offer a buddy system for exercising.

After reading this, reflect on the past week, select a personal achievement and promise yourself to celebrate it, having done so identify next week’s goal and how you intend achieving it.

I have set up a ‘JustGiving’ page on my website to receive donations which will go towards creating a greater awareness of how strokes can be prevented. Along with this I intend doing as many talks as I’m invited to, to do exactly the same, my personal way of helping, along with the money raised from my book.

These goals are slightly more out of my control as I’m so reliant on others but still I will do everything possible to make them come to fruition. Your goals can be what is right for you.

I wish you, my fellow survivors luck with your personal goals & happy celebrating.



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