New Years Resolutions

We find ourselves a couple of days into a new year, Christmas already a distant past and people talking of new year’s resolutions, some feeling guilty for over indulging over the festive period.

It is a time when people everywhere ask what New Year’s resolutions each of us have made and either we have made the same old ones promised each January 1st forgotten by about the 5th, or we have to suddenly try and pluck an idea from thin air as the only way, to move the conversation onto something else.

As stroke survivors why don’t we instead, decide to reflect on everything we have achieved in the past year, on each small achievement and create a list of our recovery progress.

Keep this list somewhere so we can often glance at it and at times we forget our achievements take it out again, so we can begin the year in a personal positive frame of mind.

Then this year, start a progress or achievement box by wrapping a shoebox in a pretty paper and fix the lid so that it cannot be opened. If you are not able to manage yourself ask someone else to do it for you. In the top cut out a tiny opening to allow little pieces of paper to be posted inside.

Call it your ‘goals reached’ or ‘achievement box’, whatever means something to you. Every time you achieve a task you are aiming towards this year, write it on a slip of paper and posts it into your pretty goals box. For example if you manage to make a drink on your own for the first time without help, simply write ‘made first drink’, if you like you can even date it. Do this throughout the whole year.

On New Year ’s Day 2016 have a glass of your favourite drink open your personal achievement box and celebrate YOU – your achievements through this year.

Happy Healthy 2015 fellow survivors


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