New Benefit of Fish Oil

Researchers recently found a compound called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) abundant in fish oil that led to an increase in estrogen in the brains of mice suggesting that DHA and osteogenesis work together to suppress seizures.

Study co- author Yasuhiro Ishihara, at the Brain Science Laboratory at Hiroshima University in Japan and colleagues, recently quoted their findings in scientific reports journal.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder causing seizures, something some of you may, unfortunately, be familiar with following your stroke.

There are medications available to help control these seizures which are affective for most cases for around 7 out of 10 people living with epilepsy.

It is known that estrogen has an effect in some people, it can worsen seizures and in others the opposite is true.

It is already suggested that seizures may be reduced by eating omega which we can find in salmon, mackerel and herring. For those of us who do not eat fish supplements are available.

Research was carried out by feeding three lots of mice three different oil based diets over 28 days. One group was fed soybean oil, one cottonseed and the third cottonseed oil plus DHA supplement. At the end of the 28 days each group was given seizure inducing drugs. The mice who had received soybean oil had delayed occurrence of seizures, compared to the ones fed cottonseed oil. Mice fed cottonseed oil and DHA, however, definitely were the best, they took significantly longer for seizures to arise. This study confirmed that DHA definitely plays a role in preventing seizures.

Following this, they tested estrogen levels in the brains of each diet group. The results illustrated it was twice as high in those fed soybean to the ones fed cottonseed oil. The interesting result being that the highest level was in the ones fed cottonseed and DHA. Each group was then again given the same but in addition, an estrogen- suppressing drug called Letrozole. Then they were given seizure – inducing drugs.

Results highlighted the role of estrogen in seizure prevention as the ones fed cottonseed oil, DHA and Letrozole had seizures much faster than the mice that were only fed cottonseed oil and DHA.

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