Managing a day out

The Antiques Road Show visited Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire on Sunday where we could meet the specialists, see the many items people had taken along and enjoy the wonderful backdrop and gardens that hosted the event. I had wanted to take something along for Nick, but due to not being able to stand in a queue for any length of time I chose to leave it behind. I later regretted this as the specialist I would have seen was the only one not to have a queue at all, but actually wanting someone to take something to them. This made me feel guilty if I’m honest. I walked to one area to investigate what was there and to my surprise it was my favourite bit of the show, where several items were displayed and the ‘imposter’ was to be identified. Fiona Bruce walked right behind me, I had been caught on camera so was asked to remain and asked which I thought was the offending item on this occasion, all of them owned by Mark, one of the specialists.

After this we went in search of clocks and paintings which were our next favourite things to view. A girl had brought in a very ornate gentleman’s dress chain my mother and friend’s mother had been asked to be in shot for the previous item and we all remained for this as it was so interesting and to me and my friend Bev, Ben’s voice a delight to listen to.

We left after this, even after only spending half a day there, I had become very tired but we had all spent a very enjoyable time and we were told that sometime in the New Year we can re live the day, viewing it on television #50shafesofsplendour

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