Lost for Words

Many of you reading this know only too well the struggles post stroke of learning to communicate properly again. Not only finding your words and being able to participate in conversation but for many of us learning to read again too.

I remember being lent a book to help me but I was not able to make sense of anything inside and not realising how long I had borrowed it for, I was asked to return it. To this day I cannot tell you what it was called because at the time I was not able to read, but I remember strongly in my mind its cover.

Now for many, the cover could have been positive or uplifting but for me at the time, with what I had recently experienced, the frame of mind I was in and the struggles I was still faced with, it spoke to me of death. It is so strange how one image can deliver a different message to different people.

I kept those things in mind when publishing my book, I only hope the cover and colours I chose speak positivity and gives hope to my readers.

Returning to the subject of struggling to speak again, I have on behalf of the Stroke Association for their ‘Lost for Words’ Campaign put a short video together with my top three tips, which you may have already seen. If asked what your top tip would be to help fellow survivors, what would you say? Please message me with a tip that helped you, or someone you know.

Let’s continue to pull together to help each other find our voice.

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