Knocked back by an insect!

Prior to stroke if bitten by an insect like anyone else, the usual reaction would be itchy redness and then soon forgotten.

This is the difference now; I have been either stung or bitten by some little blighter this week. Firstly it was itchy and red then it became swollen.

As if the insect had not done enough to bug me, the infected area later became very hot and I started feeling sick and unwell. This remained the case for two or three days and also left me completely without appetite, generally feeling unwell. Five days on I am beginning to feel better even persuaded to eat.

How can such a tiny little thing that thanks to my now, not so wonderful eyesight I can’t even see, cause me to feel so under the weather. It is a reminder of how fragile we still can be at times.

I must remind myself here though, that two years ago I had experienced the same; I only bumped my leg and it left me with cellulitis so although this little ‘so & so’ knocked me back it hasn’t knocked me down this time! We must however always remember when we do have bites, bumps or cuts we must always keep a close eye on them, even get them looked at if our limb, leg especially, becomes inflamed, itchy or different in appearance.

The other thing we must remember while we are enjoying this fabulous summer sunshine is that on our weaker side we get sunburnt far more quickly, and often do not feel this.So you must always take extra care to put on plenty of sun cream and don’t forget to top it up. These are very simple things that make a huge difference to us.

Keep well and enjoy the sunshine and top up on fresh air and vitamin D

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