Knock me down with a feather


I was so excited to report that I finally made it to our lodge which we love, and have tried so many times to visit this year. Each time having to cancel due to my ill health. I was so excited I had finally achieved it and therefore decided to make the topic of my blog last week. When I say first time this year, that is not totally true, as we did make it once just after Easter but two days after arriving I was whisked off into Derriford hospital in Plymouth and there I remained until the time came to return home. So to finally be able to stay and enjoy the Cornish air and scenery was fantastic. I even managed to make it onto the beach, and after a snooze and enjoying listening to the waves, we stopped at the beach cafe. Having finished and leaving our table, the owner very kindly offered to drive me back to our lodge. I obviously looked how I felt, i.e. exhausted! But I didn’t care I was grateful for the ride.

The combination of sea air and relaxing in the company of Nick and our little dog Willow was working brilliantly. As is always the way when we are there, time ran out so quickly, we really didn’t want to leave but we had seen friends, had a lovely time. As we knew we could always return it eased our departure slightly. We have to let it these days so it was left all ready and looking superb to welcome the family arriving later that day for their holiday. We travelled to see and stay with friends, so we still had time left in Cornwall and to continue to enjoy the healing Cornish air.

We met with our friends and were given a lovely welcome: home made scones and Cornish clotted cream, then suddenly I noticed a cat! I thought “oh no our dog may go for it”, before I had even finished my chain of thought it was chaos, my little dog crying and trembling looking to me for help. She could not have picked a worse person. Someone wishing she could help yet who could neither lift her or move quickly. So instead the situation became worse the cat continued to strike out, this time at me to get to my little girl. Suddenly it had bitten my leg and was hanging from it, its claws in my ankle. You can visualise the situation, me on blood thinners too, making it look even worse. This is the reason for not managing a blog last week. My friend’s mother kindly dealt with the wounds and we thought things would be alright. By the next day I felt a strong sickness and didn’t understand why. The others could not understand why I did not want my favourite drink, I actually refused it! I couldn’t finish my super homemade pasty either. They knew by now I was feeling unwell. I managed my supper but not my usual portion and the following day I could not manage my croissant, the sickness was much worse.

To cut a long story short I am now on a very strong antibiotic and today is the first day I have started to feel a little better. That said, I still have the temperature and the sick feeling but the headache has gone, luckily. It is sadly a reminder of just how low our immune system becomes following such conditions as stroke and complications with blood pressure, heart etc. so my message really here and reason for relaying this is to say, if any of you are scratched or bitten by a cat and by that I mean including your own much loved family pet, please go to your doctor and go quicker than I did too. It is better to get the correct medication and get on top of things immediately not allow infection to spread. If you think about it, cats can be out for many hours during the day and the very nature of their hunting they can and do carry germs/ infection in their claws. If left untreated it can lead to serious conditions in people with low immune systems and other complications. #50shadesofsafety


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