Hurrah, hope on the horizon

The new employment Minister, Ester McVey has a refreshing and promising attitude towards benefits and those of us forced into a situation of requiring such assistance yet never previously anticipated having such a need.

The often perceived view of those of us with disabilities is rather unfavourable and generalised. Is it now, at last about to change for the better to be recognised in a realistic way even?!?

Maybe that is a step too far? In my view in an ideal world those of us suddenly forced to give up work as a result of illness should be given financial support towards the correct personal recovery programme. This although perceived costly would assist in increased strength and recovery enabling us to stay out of hospital rather than have to return due to falls, reoccurring difficulties and the like.

The long term result hopefully could allow many of us to return to work. Admittedly not always the job we may have previously carried out but some form of work and income has to be good for everyone. Moral for the individual, income for the family unit and  not being a drain over a long term basis on the economy and NHS services.

I realise what I write above may appear to be a little like a pipe dream but from experience I had a taste of this type of progress. For a period of time, I was awarded a personal budget. It was used for the things I highlighted above and the budget accounted for managed and documented. It was monitored and approved by someone from the benefits department coming to my home and checking everything was as it should be. Time to blow my own trumpet here! I used my budget for Physio, one on one help with my exercises, someone to wash & dry my hair, homeopathic treatment which really helped noticeably with my arm, getting to and from a swimming pool & deep tissue massage.

Every pound I spent was accounted for. It was pointed out that the programme I had devised and the way I had my accounted for it was superb and I was to be congratulated on such perfect use of the funds. This, more importantly was helping me physically and mentally as I was able to get out and work on my recovery, BUT not for long. The post arrived and in it a letter to change everything. I was told for reasons I do not understand as others still receive these funds and I won’t go into this further. But my payment was not only stopped but it had been decided I should not have been receiving it in the first place. Furthermore I was expected to magically come up with the money to pay back the funding in full by a specific date, just like that. We all know stress and stroke do not work well together so you get the picture of what this did to me. That aside it was a huge void, my recovery programme stopped overnight, everything cancelled and to this day not restarted.

It is because of things like this we plateau, become depressed, more unwell, develop additional complications. The list continues and all this time we are not in a position to work this DOES NOT mean we do not wish to work.

So I hope that all I describe has a chance of changing as Miss McVey calls for people on benefits to be “nurtured”. It was so refreshing to hear that she stated that tolerance is required for the likes of us as no one, however high up the employment ladder ever knows when they too may fall on hard times.

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  • Sas, print this and post it to the said Minister at the Houses of Parliment. They are then obliged to reply. Tell her it is on your blog and give her your web address – and prompt her to look at the book link on your site too. You gotta get to these people by writing….not by emailing to her adress. Do it the old fashiooned way then they read it !

    Go for it….and JDI (just do it 🙂 )

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