Finding new items

I am pleased to say with the correct balance of rest and a little time doing things, I am able to venture out a little more. I am beginning to bounce back.

Nick and I decided to have a couple of hours looking around a pretty Cotswold Town and sit outside one of the pubs, in its courtyard garden lapping up the sunshine, fragrance of the flowers and enjoy a bite to eat, an excuse to stay longer.

We went to a place called Winchcombe and as always, I have eyes peeled for anything new and helpful for both myself and fellow survivors. I also, a girl’s word here, needed another pair of trousers. On spotting a little clothes shop, I was drawn in for the chance to be in the cool as much as the clothes you understand, and Nick could sit down and read the paper.

I found a make of trousers I hadn’t heard of before from Holland and you have guessed they just happened to have the colour I was looking for and in my size, only one pair left in my size I may add. Now I can hear your brain ticking, thinking trousers, what’s so different here? Well,  they are lovely and cool, don’t crease AND they do not have elastic that is obvious, they appear to have a waste, but no zip or buttons you simply pull them on. Once on they give the appearance of trousers that would do up with both button and zip. Now all I have to do is remember the make to pass on to you, I will have to look inside. I realise Winchcombe is not on everyone’s doorstep but I’m sure other people sell them, and the lovely friendly lady in the shop told me she is happy to order for people and post out. I have now looked up the details, the make of trousers are Robell, the shop is called me me me and the lady owner is Kelly Brown

Continuing with helpful things, I have also found something made by Oxo, called a button hook. It has a large chunky easy to hold handle. A wire type end that you thread through a button hole, grab your button pull back through and fasten your buttons, no more situations of struggling to grip the little blighters.

Maybe between us we could have fifty shades of gadgets/information/tips to help fellow survivors with daily tasks what do you think? If you write in with your name and suggestion, I could put them all together in one blog. #50shadesofstroke

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