Fifty Shades of Stroke


How can it be that although I haven’t read the book nor seen the film this title ‘Fifty shades of grey’ is in my head? How can a title be so powerful in this way?  Kate Allatt tweeted, asking was she the only person not to have read this book? To which I replied, ‘No I haven’t either’. This set us both thinking if only stroke could be this much in people’s minds therefore raising awareness. So we thought, what about ‘Fifty shades of stroke’?

Since these tweets my mind has been working on overtime, a rare thing following stroke. This is my attempt at starting the ball rolling.

Sadly stroke is still viewed very much as cancer was forty years ago. Something people don’t really wish to talk about. Oh stroke, yes that happens when we get old. Then there is the other factor that once we have had our stroke, due to embarrassment some people do not know how to be with us any longer so they simply ignore us, drop us off their list as it were. We know only too well how much this hurts, but they are thinking, they don’t know what to say. So rather than say the wrong thing they won’t visit. Also due to the mere complexities of stroke and brain injury we may no longer understand our ‘new self’ and some people find this uncomfortable. They should think about it from our point of view, but that’s another thing altogether.

We know what it is like to be lost inside our own bodies and minds. To feel totally confused at times. Also to experience the cruel realities of stroke along with the hidden difficulties, such as, memory and emotional struggles. None of these are visible, obvious to those not understanding stroke.

We view photographs of us doing things pre stroke, it is like looking at a relative. Someone else’s life, it is a very weird feeling. You are now someone else, a person you really do not know very well. The person you have been all these years has vanished, you long for their return yet it’s beyond reach.  As we outwardly begin to look like the ‘old self’, even feel it intermittently, it has the harsh ability of pulling us up sharply, and presenting yet another hurdle. Stroke is in itself so complex, no two strokes are the same. It affects not only the survivor, but the whole family. Surely we have the scope here for ‘Fifty shades of stroke’ to keep the theme going and to make people stop and think. Perhaps even have a photo of a baby with a grey nappy rather than white, a grey pram to illustrate that babies can have strokes. We then have an image of a young child with all their clothes, toys once again in grey, yet the rest of the photo in colour, highlighting young children can have strokes. We repeat this through many age groups. Having started with this we move onto the effects of stroke, some of the things a survivor has to deal with. We do this also for the family members.

We know only too well that Stoke strikes anyone, at any age, anytime. If we could only raise awareness by making more people realise this. Also, by doing so certain things can be addressed, simple changes made and many strokes prevented.

So, are you with me on this off the wall idea? Will you help me to get ‘Fifty shades of stroke’ off the ground? Repeat it, tweet it. Talk it, walk it. Write it fight it… Please help me do this whichever way is easiest for you.

There is a young chap, Jac, currently in hospital in London following a stroke. He is 17 and was hoping for a career as a professional footballer. This is proof itself stroke is devastating even to the young and fit too. Please help me raise greater awareness of this. Also please visit my ‘Just giving page’ and ask someone you know to do the same. If we could each ask 50 people to do so and donate a pound, we can raise more funds without asking much at all from an individual. Please help me to help others.


Let’s launch ‘Fifty Shades of Stroke.’

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  • oooh wow Sas, I’ve come over all of a tingle…..That is such an awesome idea and vision..

    I’m there with you all the way……what shall happen next?


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