Feedback from a Friend.

As you may already be aware, my aim is to raise awareness of stroke, including how it can possibly be prevented in the first place.The other day I spoke to a very good friend, I was touched as she explained an example of how my book, as well as the video clips on Youtube, reached a wider audience than they had been intended for.

She recalled a very recent phone call with an old school friend of hers who still lives in Germany. They talked about the various problems that one has to put up with on a day-to-day basis. Nothing serious in the big scheme of things, she explained but nevertheless sufficiently annoying so could possibly prevent someone from sitting back and having a relaxing evening.

You might wonder why anyone should think that way when there are so many pressing issues currently in the media. However, her friend suddenly told her that on top of all that, she has a possible serious medical issue. And the question arose – how did one and indeed others cope with all of that?

Initially, my friend advised her that all of us to one degree or another have to face daily battles, but that it was a matter of attitude as to how we cope with them. The expression of a glass half full or half empty came to mind.

Then she referred to me and mentioned the ‘crossroads’ I had found myself at when I had the devastating blow from the doctors that I would never get any better. She recounted that I had to ask myself, was I going to accept this and take on the role of a victim. To be the passive person who was no longer able to make decisions and not allowed to work hard, even fight on the inevitable long road of recovery. Or was I going to prove doctors wrong, turn things to my advantage and help others along the way? You know the answer to this.

This friend was so impressed that she immediately wanted to know the title of my book and the name of my website. Even, whilst they were chatting on the phone the Youtube videos could be heard in the background.

To this lady, the message was clear, no matter how dark days can be, with the right attitude we can all manage to improve our situation to some degree.

My friend explained how uplifting it made her feel and asked me the question what does this mean to me? For me it makes me feel immensely happy. Happy that through my experience of stroke and its challenges, I have been given the ability to help others in some way.

I am in no way special, talented or better than any other person, but experience and its honesty shared without frills – gives hope and help to others clearly. I couldn’t ask for any more.

This was exactly what I hoped for when I wrote my book and shared my experiences gained so far.

The icing on the cake is feedback like this, from professionals and survivors telling me it also helps with cancer, depression and other life-changing situations. The more people it can help the better that has to be, especially now that it is also available as a free download audiobook, illustrating I hope its intention to purely help everyone.

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