Exciting News

I am now able to explain the reason for my absence on Twitter this week, and am pleased to say it is an exciting one.

I have been in Madrid at a recording studio, and as a result, I will soon be able to announce the date of the release of, ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ available as a free audiobook version in Spanish.

As you can imagine there has been a great deal of time, and work to get it to this stage and I have to thank ‘Sign Against Stroke (@SignAgnstStroke) and its Spanish- language sister account, Unidos Contra el Ictus (@ContraelIctus), supported by Bayer’. for all of their hard work, none of which I can take any credit for. They found a superb Spanish voice-over artist to match my personality, and delivery of the content, so as to keep it, as much of me as possible, for the listeners.

Although I thought it exciting, I was not prepared for the feeling I experienced when it was actually taking place when we were in the midst of it all, it suddenly felt real.

A HUGE heartfelt thank you to all of you, for now making it possible to help so many more stroke survivors and their families further afield.


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