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If you follow me on Twitter you may remember me mentioning in December, that I was away in Madrid and as a result, would soon have some exciting news. Then last weekend you may have seen that there was a video to announce this news and saying it would be launched this week. I am pleased to say that on Wednesday evening during the ISC18 conference coverage, thanks to Sign Against Stroke, the Spanish Version of ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ free audio version download, was made available.

Thanks to all the amazing people who helped make this possible, as a result, I am now able to reach out and help so many more stroke survivors and their families. I cannot thank everyone enough for all their, belief in me and their individual input.

I realise this week’s blog is extremely short, and if you like, singing the praises of my own news, but I hope you see the reason why. It is the opportunity to help yet more stroke survivors like us along with their families.

It is surprising when delivering talks, even here in the UK how many times I have been asked if my book is available in Spanish. Until now I have had to sadly reply no, followed by it is my hope to make it so one day, yet not knowing when this could be the case, until now. Please help me to spread the news, and in doing so help more people, thank you.

Audio version of “Two Strokes Not Out’ in Spanish

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