Excitement I would like to share


On returning home from a lovely lunch and time out with friends on Thursday, I was greeted by Nick informing me of the arrival of a splendid magazine and within it a lovely article, on stroke and my story. Along with this, the surprise on looking at it, was the icing on the cake, to see they had promoted my book and informed people on how to purchase it if they so wish. As you already know only too well by now, it is not only my passion to help fellow survivors and their families but also to raise greater awareness in order to help prevent strokes that can be prevented.

This magazine, The Celebrity Lifestyle Magazine, ‘at home’ has helped do exactly that.

The magazine article informs the reader about the dangers of stroke; that it can happen to younger people. In the last fifteen years alone the number of woman aged between 40 and 54 admitted to hospital as a result of stroke has risen by 30%, and by 50% in men of the same age group. They also touch on it being the leading cause of disability in the UK, the hidden effects of stroke, some common factors of stroke and how it is also a cause of financial concern and burden to the stroke survivors and their family. As the survivor, I know only too well, as much as they long to return to work- I fall into this bracket- sadly we are unable to do so. Also, they illustrate clearly the most common signs to look out for when someone is experiencing the onset of a stroke. Then they go onto my story and my book.

If only more magazines would write splendid articles such as this we could inform people so much more easily and quickly therefore saving lives. Personally, I feel I cannot thank this magazine enough for not only the realisation of exactly that but also acting on it, therefore doing something about it, for the cause of greater awareness. This is the kind of magazine you want to buy. It has your usual articles such as fashion, travel, lifestyle & beauty products, but what is the point of all of that if we are unwell or worse. This has to be the perfect combination. What the public want regarding beauty products along with showing the reader that they care. Congratulations, ‘at home’, I say. #50shadesofsuccess


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