Emotions and Attitude, complexities of #50shades of emotions


Like many other aspects of stroke emotions attached along the way are also complex, not only for us as the stroke survivor but for the main carer and the whole family.

As the survivors we tend to experience regular pattern of emotions, possibly at different times and often for different lengths of time but the pattern remains pretty much the same. Initially we are in denial, what me? No I haven’t had a stroke and we go through the many reasons in our head why we haven’t had a stroke, none of them obviously valid. Having come out the other side of this one we find ourselves dealing with the WHY, why me and we go through the 50 reasons plus why we shouldn’t be in this position before moving onto the anger stage. I have possibly touched on these in such a way, that it has almost made light of them, but they are heavy emotions that take time to work through, often needing help to come out the other side.

We are then left with what I term as a fortunate situation, and yes I did say fortunate. There are many conditions where we can only rely on medics and medication. The rest is completely out of our hands. Stroke on the other hand is very much down to us too. Almost a partnership between the medical professional and ourselves, our own efforts.

I believe although it is something, none of us would have ever hoped to have had to endure, if we have to be dealt anything then at least it is something that if we listen to the medical staff, take our relevant medication, but in addition to that put in a great deal of hard work, effort, practice, determination and self-belief things will improve, and we have a degree of control over this.

We really can make a difference to our progress and lives. This really is where we can make a difference, we have a choice. We can think okay, I will accept a life in a wheelchair, with everything done for me, or we can work at improving things. #50shadesofeffort #50shades of stroke.

I am not talking miracles or rubbish, but if we are prepared to do something In order to improve daily, EVERY day, things will improve. Possibly only small improvements but every journey begins with a single step.  We have accepted that we will not live life as we have previously done, but where is the harm in carving out a happy and full new one? We owe it to ourselves to improve as much as is possible.

I admit I cannot do the activities and sport I have always loved, I am not even allowed to drive but if I spend my time dwelling on these things I’m only going to feel the loss more and be unhappy, so find new interests. I have written a book to help fellow survivors and sales of this raise funds to help raise stroke Awareness, it has given me the opportunity to be able to help others, despite my limitations. Despite right sided weakness and never having painted before, I’ve learnt to paint, using my left hand. I am naturally right handed. This not only is enjoyable but again has enabled me to raise money for stroke, cancer and St Richard’s Hospice, given me the opportunity to feel useful again. Something, stroke takes away from us. I am not saying, write a book or even take up painting, I’m am purely illustrating that with effort and determination we can carve out a new full life.

#50shadesofstroke there is still opportunity of a good ‘Life After Stroke’

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