Electronic Free Time

Reflecting on a recent medical appointment – having woken at 4.30am with a thumping headache, and not able to get back to sleep. After breakfast and all my medication, still, it would not ease. Mid-morning, I had an appointment with my consultant coupled with blood pressure check etc, still, with this pounding headache, which incidentally, was still with me when I went to bed that night, it highlighted my blood pressure was high by my standards.

Looking back on things, re-evaluating what I am doing, and all I am trying to do, it did dawn on me that due to one particular thing, I’ve been browsing the Internet a great deal more than usual, trying to gain necessary information. I then began to think, how much time do I spend looking at screens, be it television, computer or phone – or all of these?

As I had looked around in the hospital I didn’t see anyone without a phone attached to them, either listening or viewing. What have we turned into? People were waiting together but may as well have been there alone as the conversation has sadly diminished because of these intruders. Young people even have them as an additional part of their place setting when sitting down to a meal.

As stroke survivors, it’s far too easy for us to lean on technology more than we should, with the isolation forced upon us and along with disability issues, to become more and more reliant on these things and not realise how long we are spending each day glaring at these screens.

I have decided if only to keep headaches at bay, but I would like to think for the greater good, to have some phone free time every day. Totally away from the ringing, swishing, and pinging, I can allow my brain to realign and my head to clear. I can instead listen to the birds, the silence whatever I choose. For those who are able, I suggest go a stage further and take a short phone free walk, you could always have it switched off and in your pocket, if it gave you greater security just in case you stumbled. The secret is the time away from its distraction and taking in what is naturally around us, much of which we are missing due to the electronic rush.

So why don’t you join me, and reduce a little technology and allow a little time to let life in?

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