Disability dismissed

I recently visited a venue I had been to many times before prior to my stroke, somewhere I used to enjoy going.

I felt the need to write and make them aware of my difficulties I had experienced during my visit causing me to feel unwell and also the way staff had behaved towards me. Something I was sure they would be most upset to learn. I did not want this to happen to anyone else. I also pointed out that as a result of what I’d experienced during the day, it left me feeling not to return to the venue in the future as also expressed in my letter.

I have received a reply and as yet I have not responded for fear of my response being rather sharp or worse. Not only did it make me feel insulted but somehow invisible as an individual, and completely dismissed of any worth in this organiser’s eyes. They had signed the letter yet not bothered to read it first, if they had they would have noticed typing and spelling errors. These are matters that illustrate that my grievance complaint is of very little importance to them. It was also put in such a way that these mistakes, rudeness etc were clearly expectable, acceptable, the problem was simply me!

My experience of being spoken to rudely, knocked into by a drunken member of staff, ignored when I asked for assistance with something, how silly of me, all my fault, oh and for not having taken my radar key to use on a disabled toilet that was unlocked anyway?!

I have been offered free entry to something I stated I felt I could not return to. So safe bet for them that in effect they have offered nothing other than blaming me for being disabled and having feelings.

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