Disability and Sensitivity


This week I went along with my friend and our little dog Willow, to a local dog charity to meet a dog our friends had identified, as one they hoped to give a forever home to. The reason for us all turning up on mass this day, was for the two dogs to meet and hopefully see that they have the potential to be friends and companions in the future. As our little dog sees our friends as her other family, so this meeting is a big factor in their decision. Also, if they are away which is due to be very soon, it is all the more important as the new addition will come to stay with us in our home.

Larry, who is also a whippet, was described as a lively character with a great deal of energy. This was of slight concern as Willow is so quiet and gentle.

We cannot speak highly enough of the Dog Trust Evesham as their conduct and advice throughout the whole adoption process has been so thorough and professional, yet somehow not losing that personal touch. On our arrival we were introduced to Larry (Mr Lively) and to my amazement and this I wonder and ask the question here, is it due to the sensitivity in dogs, his knowing of my health situation?

When the time came the girl kindly handed him to my friend and he was bouncing on the other end of the lead until coming close to me. Larry then calmed immediately and proceeded to lick my weak, stroke side. First my hand and fingers, up my arm, my leg, then softly snuggling into me and giving me the gentlest of kisses. Was this the lively energetic dog we had been told about?

The time came to allow the two dogs into a small area together, still on the lead but without anyone holding on, the reason being If required to quickly retrieve one of the dogs. Larry regained his energy, nuzzling and nudging into Willow almost lifting her with his nose, she stood it for a while before telling him off, ‘enough’ she shouted. He was a perfect gentleman and stopped at once.

The decision fortunately made, Larry was to be re-homed, in a fabulous home and hopefully to be Willow’s future chum, although today she is a little unsure. He is climbing in her bed, in her neighbours’ home, otherwise known as her ‘other families home’ she has lost some freedom and attention, her world temporarily turned upside down! What is going on she wonders?

This little chap who only arrived a couple of hours ago, could not display more gentleness and tenderness towards me. He already appears to be very happy in his new home. He will be loved and spoilt rotten, I think he has worked that out already too.

These wonderful creatures display such energy with able bodied people and gentleness to those of us who don’t move so quickly and freely, even when they have themselves been treated wrongly in someway by us humans. You can see where the saying ‘mans best friend ‘comes from and its meaning. Unconditional kindness and sensitivity of a dog. #50 shades of sensitivity

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