As I sit here today I’m battling to keep my eyes open, the aged old bug bear ‘fatigue’ is raising its ugly head, larger than life today.

Last Friday, I’m pleased to say, I was able to attend and enjoy a fabulous day celebrating a marriage of two friends at a super venue in the Cotswolds. This was something I had feared I would miss. These fears were unfounded unlike the former occasion: another wonderful friends’ wedding anniversary celebration, we had been looking forward to for sometime, which I was forced to miss due to another setback and stint in hospital. I am still saddened about this. It was looking very much the same for the wedding on Friday, but  not only did I make it, and stay the majority of the day I’m pleased to report no hiccups  either, phew.

As stroke survivors I do not have to remind you of the days following such events, we lose to sleep and if we try to resist too much we become more unwell. You would think five plus years down the line I would be wiser wouldn’t you but no I still try to fight this more than I should and today I’m paying the price. I am feeling unwell and my eyes now need more than matchsticks to force them to remain open, so this weeks’ blog is for this reason short and sweet but still ending on a positive that I did get there and was part of a very special day.


One Response to “Determination

  • Brilliant – and well done Sas.

    Soo good to hear that you had a nice day.

    Take good care.


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