Dedication Delivers

I talk of determination and self-belief all the way following my own stroke but I recently read of a girl who has taken this to the nth degree, literally. I take my hat off to her and simply cannot read of her achievement and not make comment, she is truly remarkable.

The person I make mention to is Dawn Faizey-Webster, like many of us with brain injury (I don’t however include myself in this), she has had to also cope with the breakup of a relationship. Not even this has held Dawn back.

Setting her mind on achieving a degree, despite all her difficulties she has done so and has gained it with honours. I know only too well how difficult it is these days to retain information not to mention process it first. As if this wasn’t difficult enough Dawn has also had the added difficulty of locked-in syndrome and almost complete paralysis. The only movement she is able to carry out is slight movement of her neck and blinking of one eye. Despite this she still displays a strong sense of humour.

Dawn uses her specialised and complex computer by communicating with it through varying types and lengths of stares along with head movements, her determination and patience are to be admired. An exam that would take students three hours usually takes Dawn three weeks at fifty words an hour.

Dawn is currently using her computer to purchase her gown for the awards ceremony in October. I am in ore of such an achievement and read on to learn her plans are to achieve an MA in history of Art and then a PhD. Well done girl what a fine example of excellence you are to us all.

Something that stuck in my mind was something I wrote of in an earlier blog. When my Occupational Therapist and Physio had helped me to look better with the help of makeup, to assist confidence before venturing out into the world. Only to be criticised by a certain individual for looking better than I felt. Dawn highlights the importance of such things, having your nails painted etc. We are still inwardly the people we have always been. We may not be able to communicate and/ function as we previously did but we still wish to look and feel as good as is possible, and as Dawn has so magnificently illustrated achieve where possible. Well done Dawn.

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  • Wow what an amazing lady. An inspiration to everyone – which we all need along our journey.

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