Cornish Air & Clotted Cream

We recently visited friends at their home in Cornwall. Weather reports threatened rain but we set off all the same in true British style, in the hope they may be wrong. Cornwall often has its own micro climate.

Firstly we spent time in Polperro with our artist friend Sue & her little dogs. However, I was still feeling very tired following travelling, despite sleeping during the whole journey: all three and a half hours.

The first part of the day was spent sleeping leaving the afternoon to enjoy with Sue. This still left us time to visit the gallery and view Sue’s latest mural not to mention a usual stop at the Blue Peter pub, none of the dogs are capable of walking past without first going inside?! The friendly landlord usually greets them with hello and a treat each before saying hello to us. Never has it been the other way around.

The following day, the usual long sleep before setting off to visit our friends Pete, Isobel and their son Thomas in Porthpean, a visit intended just for that day, Nick knowingly packed the car in preparation as we eventually left some forty eight hours later, and could easily have stayed longer if it weren’t for things like work and in Thomas’s case, school.

We enjoyed meals in the garden taking in the sea view whilst soaking up the summer sunshine, not a drop of rain in sight, relaxing with friends. What better rehab could one have?! It wouldn’t be complete however, in such a vicinity without Cornish pasties and scones with clotted cream. I did think of cholesterol as I reached for an extra dollop.

I don’t know what it is and I have heard others say the same but Cornwall does have a magic about it a relaxing, healing quality. I wrote my book in Cornwall, not intentionally, it happened this way it flowed more naturally whilst being in there. Not surprisingly so many authors and artists are Cornish inspired.

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