At last – we can finally celebrate

After many months of proofs being corrected, and re-corrected I was beginning to think this day would never arrive. Had I not believed in something SO much, I may have been tempted to knock it on the head.
It was my son’s birthday and I was wondering how he was feeling without his card, present etc as being away at Uni we have his things here until we see him. My thoughts being on that, meant for once I was not fretting over the book. Nick suddenly called with joy in his voice, shouting it’s out there, it’s finally published.
I cannot tell you how happy this has made me feel because as I think I’ve previously mentioned it has helped people already in manuscript form. NOW it can do its work properly and be available to help fellow survivors and their families. I’m almost crying with joy. I take delivery of the print version this Tuesday, 7th October
I have attached links to the eBook – and it will be with Amazon too within the next couple of days. To purchase the print version please contact me directly via this website or
On receipt of your cheque and details of where to send, I will get my book out to you.
It is the print version I am doubly excited about as if I manage to sell all thousand copies I will also have raised £2000 for Stroke awareness, we know that with greater understanding and some changes we can prevent some strokes in all ages.
We need to remind ourselves that children have strokes, more working age people have strokes and how many of us are aware for instance that three times as many woman die from stroke compared to breast cancer. Greater awareness – we can make a difference. Please support stroke and buy my
Meanwhile medication or not I am going to celebrate!

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