Amazing People

I don’t usually blog about talks I do, but I feel the need to mention this one, as I met some people I feel who need to be celebrated as much as possible and whom I know you will relate to.

I was invited to speak at The ’10th No Barriers – Mike Oborski Awards, the aim is to recognise local businesses, organisations and individuals that have provided significant access, service or employment possibilities for people with disabilities within the Wyre Forest district. Also, individuals who have gone that extra mile.

Gurdip Thandi from The Shuttle and Stourport News was with us, he also was a pleasure to talk with. I could not possibly do credit to the ceremony in the way he has, so I will include this – link – for you to read his report on the evening.

Whilst at the talk I was fortunate to meet some truly amazing people and the message I took away with me was two-fold.

How kind people are and the strength of individuals despite their own personal difficulties. Two examples I know you will fully understand are as follows. The staff at retail shops and coffee shops who notice our difficulties and offer help to assist people like us, making life easier for us.

Not only easing our difficulties, but things like this really are, what makes the difference between being able to go out and carry out normal daily activities such as buy a drink or something to eat, in a coffee shop. Having someone notice our difficulties and simply ask us where we would like to sit and carry things for us. People who have impaired sight, noticing and counting their change for them helping so they are able to visit a shop for things they need. These people to me are truly special.

An elderly gentleman who I keep thinking of since the evening who is partially sighted and has raised £50,000 for his charity.

Thank you to all these amazing people who make such a difference in our lives.

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