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My name is Sas Freeman; stroke survivor, author, mentor & Voice Over Artist 

Sas FreemanI previously worked as a photographic model and on television. I also appeared in films and as a double for Emma Thompson in Brideshead Revisited. Alongside, I managed teams for companies delivering advertising material for national organisations, client facing where necessary, pitching campaigns.

I have now become an artist using my non-dominant hand following my strokes.

I have sold oil paintings which hang in private homes in various parts of the world. My work is also on display in several galleries in the UK. I have donated several pictures to raise money for charity, including one for cancer which now hangs in a home in Barbados, and one to a Hospice which was displayed at a town festival. This image was chosen to be part of a poster to advertise the event. I had my water colours turned into cards and sold them in aid of a local stroke group, to help fellow survivors. I am part of a regional Health Focus Group, created to raise awareness and funding for the Functional Electronic Stimulator and Selly Oak Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, which treats people across the UK. In 2013, I was given the Courage Award from the Stroke Association for my “valiant efforts shown throughout my recovery”, their words not mine. Part of my story was published in the Worcester Evening News; and Different Strokes, a charity for young stroke survivors who have agreed to promote my book, “Two Strokes Not Out” and share my story.
In order to help fellow survivors at the beginning of their recovery, when they are often unable to read, I am looking to find funding to turn the book into an audio version. To help those who have suffered a stroke and to raise awareness of what can be achieved, I hope to be working with organisations giving talks to inspire, encourage, and help fellow survivors.


I feel very strongly about raising awareness of stroke thus helping survivors and their loved ones. My experience of having two strokes, combined with my positive attitude and practical steps to recovery are, people say, eloquently portrayed in my book, where I write about my own emotions and the passionate belief and promise to help others:

“At the onset of my stroke my body began to change yet, strangely, my mind moved into a place of real peace, a place where everyday worries, doubts and concerns were removed. The energy level I reached was so safe and secure that I didn’t question it and I was happy to remain. Yet I was experiencing stroke. There was an invisible force talking to me, comforting me and giving me reassurance. I believe I was given a choice: either to continue in this blissful state from which there would be no return, or, return and write about my recovery, helping other stroke survivors and their families. I had never felt the need to write before, but I was now convinced I would be helped; it was a deep conviction. I now have a promise to fulfill; to get this book published which I have and use it to help others. I am alive, I have the gift of life. I know I have been given a second chance to make a difference.”

I have also recorded ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ into an audio version which is available as a free download.




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  • Hello, your website is quite impressive! Your paintings are wonderful and your accomplishments are amazing….none of which surprise me. You have always been such a strong individual.
    We are all doing well. How is your family?
    If you could send me your address I would like to send you a long letter and fill you in on our life.
    Hope you are doing well and will pray for you, Norma

    • Hi Nor a thank you for your kind comments. I still miss you and think of our trips out whilst in Germany. I wanted to reply on Facebook but don’t understand it?!? I’m on Twitter @sas_freeman
      My email is sasfree@hotmail.co.uk and address I think you have but possibly going to change?!? Nick has lost his job but I believe things happen for a reason?!!! I am trying to come up with ideas despite fatigue etc following stroke. Wish we could meet up. Henry is off to Uni in September he is excited I will miss him so much. His girlfriend is already at Cardiff Uni where he is going. Love to you all xxx

  • Hi Sas,
    Nice to see you today.
    I’ve just been looking at your paintings. They are lovely.
    I particularly like the “Touch of Style”, “Waves on Waves” and “Tegonhawke Beach”. I’d be happy to have your work in the gallery. Although my walls are quite full at the moment but I do have a “waiting to be hung” box which customers can look through .
    Best Wishes

  • Hi Sas,
    Nice to meet you.
    And I’m happy and impressed by your recovery and determination to continue. I wrote the following on 21 December 2014 on my Facebook wall, mostly to remind me of how lucky I was:
    ” Surviving the Stroke.
    This week I am celebrating 7 years of surviving my stroke. I wake up every morning with a smile “Wow, I made it through the night!”.
    It was difficult in the beginning, what with having to re-learn writing, reading and speaking, but I sort of got there. My long-term memories are sharper than ever, only downside is short-term memory. I can’t remember some stuff and the sensation of time has gone for a loop. (meaning I can’t remember if it was week or last year that something happened). Advantage is that I can see new TV programs as new programs every time. Old movies, books and events I remember in fine detail. I am still a wiz in computing, but I have discovered a bent for drawing which pleases me no end.
    Of course, none of this would have been possible without the love and support of my brilliant wife.
    Who knows, maybe I wake up tomorrow again and celebrate all over.”
    Your paintings are a revelation, and strangely, I understand exactly the brushstokes and what it cost to get there.

    Totally irrelevant, but such a coincidence, my sister-in-law is married to a Freeman (these are South African Freemans) and her husband Trevor, my “brother” is a cancer survivor.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Sas, we met when I held a belly dance hafla in May to raise money for the Stroke Association. It was so lovely of you both to attend and apologies i didnt get to chat to you more on the evening but my Mom told me alot about you. You left 2 of your books under your seat which we’ve passed on to a friend who attends the Stroke club to try and get them back to you. I would love to chat more, maybe via email, so if you’d like to message me, my email address is bellyjewels@mail.com And just to let you know we rasied £760 at our hafla!

  • Please can you offer me some advice. I flew to France yesterday to join a Viking River Cruise. All of our luggage has been lost as has my rollator. I have to practically crawl onto and off a bus and they have provided me with a wheel chair which doesn’t fit into the cabin. I was told by the Viking River Cruise rep that I can go shopping and buy new clothes and toiletries today with 100 euros from Air France. How did she think I could go shopping when I can’t walk? How did she think I could go shopping today, Sunday in France, when all of the shops are closed? when my husband pointed out that our contract was with Viking and she needed to sort out the problem she said it was the airlines fault and we should take it up with them. I am now feeling suicidal. I am on the Viking Forseti in Bordeaux and trapped

  • Dear Sas

    I have just been reading your blog and wanted to congratulate you on your achievements. I’d also invite you to look at my blog at http://www.mandogstroke.com, where you will discover that I am a fellow stroke survivor, writer, whippet owner and Stroke Association volunteer. Your paitings are great!

  • Hi Sas I have just heard that you will be the guest speaker at the Monte Carlo charity ball in Hereford on Saturday 26 a March 2016 in aid of Stoke Association. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to share with us.

    • hi Beverley,

      Thank you for your message, I am looking forward to the evening and meeting you, plus obviously Sophie. Although the subject matter of my talk is serious don’t fear I am well aware it is a night of fun! I hope you will make yourself known on arrival, and we can meet at the beginning of the evening.

      Until then, take care, See you on March 26th. Sas

  • Hello, Sas. I have just read a BBC article about Mark Goodier, former Radio 1 DJ, and his experience of stroke. This article also mentions you and your marvellous recovery. As a registered nurse, I have seen several cases of stroke. Some are easy to recognize; in others, the signs are subtle and less definitive. Please don’t think, as you have stated, that your reaction to your symptoms of stroke was stupid. Unless someone has been educated about stroke, they are unlikely to be able to recognize it right away, especially if the signs are subtle, or be able to distinguish it from another medical condition. Thank you for sharing your story and for encouraging and inspiring people to be stroke survivors. With very best wishes, Fiona B., RN

    • Hello Fiona, Many thanks for your fabulous reply and all that you do in your work. Prior to my stroke, despite my Father having had one some years previously, I was rather naive to it. Since then I have published a book Two Strokes Not Out which has recently; thanks to Bayer been turned into an audiobook.Which I narrate myself and my son Henry his piece. I have made this available as a free download and it is my intention to somehow get it onto every neurological ward and physiotherapy department. I am passionate about raising awareness of Stoke and the ones that can be prevented. I do talks everywhere including Europe and I mentor people all over the world so some good has come out of a life changing situation. I mentioned the word stupid as I hope it will stick in people’s minds and they will not question their doubts but act instead and call 999. Possibly, sadly I have not quite got this message across as I intended? I thank you once again for taking the time to write and please recommend my book to stroke survivors and their families, it caters for both. It is available on Sign Against Stroke website also available to purchase from my own http://www.sasfreeman.com where I blog weekly to help survivors too. Best wishes. Sas

  • Very bold and couragious lady. Go ahead for your mission.

  • Dear Mrs Freeman,
    Dear Sas,

    Working in the medical department for Bayer Healthcare in Belgium, we are organizing a “Patient day” on stroke end of November. Among the President of the Belgian Stroke Council (Prof. A. Peeters, UCL University Brussels), we will several stroke patients tell their personal story. We would also like to show your video stroke testimonial (as seen on youtube). Can you please confirm that this is OK for you.
    The audience will be employees of Bayer.

    Looking forward to your confirmation,
    Kind regards,
    Alain Bousse, M.D.
    Mobile : +32 475 61 37 08

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