A New Word

A strokeversary?

As a result of my book I have recently started writing to a fellow survivor, a new friend called Nick. Nick said to me that this September will be his 3rd Strokeversary – if there is such a word. This got me thinking.

The first year after my stroke I had all sorts of emotions on the run up to that date, I was almost nervous for it to arrive and relieved when it had past. I didn’t want a party to celebrate, as I know many do. I’m not knocking it, I think it’s great it just wasn’t for me. Strange really as I’ve always been positive yet my emotions over that were terribly mixed. A friend, Sabine, bought me some super flowers, which I loved, she sensed my emotions and the flowers replaced any words and more.

Anyway, after more than a year had passed I found myself back in hospital and being asked when my first stroke was. Only then did I realise the second anniversary of it had past too. I was free of whatever anxiety I had attached to it, albeit unknowingly.

Since then, other than when someone asks me when my firsts stroke was I don’t give it any thought. Even when I hear others mentioning their stroke anniversary. Until my conversations with Nick, and his new word ‘strokeversary.

Here I am talking and encouraging others to celebrate every achievement and the very big one, one of possibly, the most meaningful to many people , I miss out, even ignore.

But not any longer, I love Nicks, word let’s add it to our Stroke vocabulary, who knows one day the dictionary?! Let’s make sure we celebrate our personal strokeversaries. They are after all of huge huge importance, a true milestone, a day that we were given a second chance at life. Live it, love it, enjoy it.

Here’s to our strokeversaries.


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