A BIG Thank You


I spent a most enjoyable Friday lunchtime at the Crown & Sandy’s Ombersley, thanks to Jilly & Laura from ‘Events With Edge’ and their sponsors, Hallmark Hulme Solicitors.

I was invited as guest speaker to give an account of my personal story before and after stroke. My talk illustrated that having a stroke is hugely devastating, not only the survivor, but to the whole family.

In the blink of an eye, life as we had previously known changed. Suddenly everyone within the family does not only have to come to terms with the shock but also with their changed role within the family. On a positive note, I hope I highlighted that with continuing hard work, self-belief and maintaining a sense of humour, the more warped the better, improvement is possible. You are what you put into it.

Also I am proof that there is life after stroke as pior to my strokes I had never imagined I would ever write a book, or paint at all, let alone with my left hand especially as I am right handed, a hobby identified as a result of attending stroke club. I now have a passion to spread the message of stroke awareness as widely as possible, by giving talks, writing a weekly blog on my web site www.sasfreeman.com and working with the Stroke Association. I have also along with the stroke association created some YouTube videos to help fellow survivors with applying makeup, doing hair and with tips on how to improve memory.

£2 from the sale of each of my books, ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ and a percentage of the money raised from my paintings, being displayed at the ‘Life After Stroke Centre’, Bromsgrove in March this year is being donated to Stroke Awareness. It is very sad how underfunded Stroke is as a charity, as with greater awareness and more life changes MANY strokes can be prevented

But it is a special thank you to people like ‘Events With Edge’ and the splendid ladies who attended the lovely lunch on Friday who really matter, by giving up your time to listen to people like me, ask questions, support stroke as you do allows us to spread the word yet further.

Thank you all.


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