#50shades of Frustration

Something many of us are only too familiar with, are the many reminders of everyday frustration, only today being a typical example. I needed to go somewhere and try as I did I could not get there. I only needed to attend this event for a short time to obtain a few bits of information. Simple you may think, but this is where stroke makes it quite the opposite. The event I needed to go to was only on between the hours of 10 and 1 today and everyone I could usually ask to take me was busy with their daily tasks and interests, however hard I tried I simply could not manage to get there. The information I needed also I ideally needed before next Tuesday, yet another frustration. I have no way of contacting people either, you get the picture. In my mind I feel I could drive and it is a huge horrid reminder that I am not able to. It has actually been a few weeks of rubbing it in emotionally as my son Henry has celebrated his 21st Birthday, and being a mum, I wanted to go and look at cards, present ideas, little extras things mothers do. I do so miss being able to pop into places and have a little browse, this is something I haven’t done since my stroke.

All these negatives and frustrations aside, thanks to a friend I got out and I bought a big 21st balloon, a cake and wrapping paper etc, also thanks to a very kind lady, Caroline, who I did not even know she kindly drove to my home and delivered the gift I had purchased, free of charge. Another friend also helped me go somewhere to buy a couple of other extra things, and everything came together perfectly for both Henry and Beth, his girlfriend, also celebrating her 21st.

I had candles for the cake, some fizz everything, I was so organised, no one would have known at all, how many difficulties I had experienced to bring it all together. Success. Plus the icing on the cake for me of course, not being a driver, I can drink!

We drove to Cardiff to visit Henry & Beth and also see Henry’s new home. We had also taken our little dog as Henry misses her so much, more than us probably, truth be told. His house mates were fabulous with her, she lapped up all the attention. As a mum it was wonderful to see him so happy at University and where he lives and his housemates all super young men. Despite missing him tremendously, I couldn’t be happier for him.

We were all with Willow, our little dog and the dog lead now missing, everyone searching, typical, stroke brain by then,when both tired and busy thinking of other things, I hadn’t realised, all the time, I had it in my handbag. Anyway, the brilliant thing being, on remembering a bag strap I had in the car, Beth had the idea of clipping one end to Willow, the other to my jeans. Perfect. This allowed me to have Willow and hold my stick. Fabulous ideas that are born out of frustration.

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