50shades of Dedication


On Friday evening I was asked to give a brief talk at an event in Ombersley, Worcs. It was at the cricket ground and club house and organised by a lovely gentleman by the name of Charlie. I haven’t used his surname as his heart is so big, he doesn’t wish any recognition even for all that he does.

The evening was not only well supported but most enjoyable, and like all the events organised by Charlie, a true success.

There were many interesting people in attendance, some loyal supporters of his, who both donated prizes and attended all his events to date. It is his aim to raise £10,000 for the Stroke Association and he is so very nearly there, yet still personally he doesn’t expect any recognition. He is just so happy to be raising money for such a worthy cause as he puts it. Yet I hope he won’t mind me mentioning that when his late and very dearly loved wife had a terrible pain in her head and Charlie did all the correct things regarding help, her doctor told her she was wrong, you could not get headaches in the back of her head. I obviously do not know all the details, but you get the picture that sadly stroke, in this case was missed, misdiagnosed and sadly sometime later, Charlie lost his dear wife to stroke. His passion as you have gathered is helping others whose lives have been touched in whatever way by stroke, and at every event Charlie organises his wife’s photo has pride of place for all to see. A truly wonderful man.

I feel my blog this week could not be about anything else, Charlie, I hope you will forgive me. #50shadededication & kindness

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