50 Shades of World Stroke Day

skyDespite now being in November, I know those of you who kindly read my blogs will agree with me, it is vital to continually work at raising greater awareness of stroke, it’s causes and identifying changes that can prevent possible strokes.

For this reason, I thought you would hopefully be interested to hear more about my particular involvement in World Stroke Day this year.

Last week I told you about meeting Rob Holcroft and I shared our video, which I hope you enjoyed.

I also did two radio interviews, one with Penny Smith on Talk Radio and the other with Andrew Castle on LBN Radio. I have attached the link to these below for you to listen to if you would like to.

The third thing I was able to do last Saturday was an interview on Sky News with Niall Patterson, who was amazing in the amount of airtime  he was allowed to discuss stroke, possible causes and to highlight that there simply isn’t any help out there for the Stroke Survivor or their family. I will try and attached a ling to the programme next week.

Also throughout the week Sign Against Stroke have been putting short videos, one per day, into YouTube highlighting a different point daily. You will also be able to find them on my web site under ‘Stroke Recovery Updates’.

Hopefully these things collectively will all go some way to helping people in the future, the age old saying ‘A journey of a thousand miles first began with a single step’.


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