50 Shades of Viewing



Recently, when I was invited to deliver a talk at a Worcestershire business event, I had the pleasure of meeting a fabulously positive and interesting gentleman called Rob. Rob sat next to me and as time allowed we began to chat away as people do who have known each other for some time. It had that feel of ease to the conversation as we shared our views and stories.

Rob talked about his work as a Life Coach.  He also does videos on YouTube sharing stories about situations people have experienced, yet found a way of turning things around to make the best of an otherwise daunting condition, or event that may have otherwise been difficult, grim, or painful. Or they have simply recognised they were longing inside for a total change in life and have now followed their passion.

Rob takes the time to chat to, and above all listen to people, he meets and as he says, “Everyone has a story if only we give them the opportunity to share it.”  His aim is to take and pass onto others the positive message from each weekly story. I was honoured to be chosen to be filmed by Rob and what better time than when I had my news regarding my audio book.

Rob arrived and we set up stage as it were, camera ready, action, and we simply allowed our conversation to unfold with you, our audience, as you are in our thoughts so much and as if you were with us in the room. I hope it comes over in the discussion that this is part of our message, natural, from the heart conversation to YOU, about experiences gained along the way in the hope to share some empathy and encouragement for those who have experienced stroke along with their families.

I thought for this reason I would include the link at the top of this week’s blog to share what I am talking about with you, I hope you enjoy viewing it. Thank you for taking a look.

Next weeks blog will be about my exciting involvement in World Stroke Day, all too much and exciting for one blog.

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