50 Shades of the Power of Words

I am currently still trying to fight pericarditis and feeling unwell. I opened a message to receive a special gift a very clever poem. It’s words so kind whilst reading it brought tears to my eyes. It is so special to me and such a clever poem I feel the need to use it as my blog this week and share it with you all.

It means so much to me and helped me feel so much better emotionally due to it’s kindness, the thought and time taken to write such a special gift. Something I will cherish. I am going to have it framed and next to my desk.




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  • Hi Sas. What a lovely poem. We share the same hairdresser and it was Paula who suggested I read your book. I had a brain haemorrhage 8 years ago and had to learn everything again (you know the drill). In the words of James Cracknell (a bit of a hero of mine) I don’t want it to define me so I’ve worked hard to disguise my difficulties! Don’t think I could do it twice though! Hats off to you! Such a journey! Anyway I look forward to reading your book and thank you for writing it.

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