50 Shades of Surprise


Power of surprises

It was the morning after my birthday, and several things had to be done. Each on my list of equal importance so none could be ignored or put off.

I would much rather be reflecting on the previous day: my lovely messages, gifts and visits from friends.

I suddenly felt really flat and deflated but not for long! On getting downstairs I was greeted by my son,  Henry and his girlfriend, Beth at the bottom of the stairs smiling and saying ‘surprise’. The kitchen decorated with balloons, the most fabulous selection of cupcakes on the table a present, wonderful words in my card and we had birthday round two. We enjoyed our meal with prosecco and cupcakes, to follow. We had the day together and enjoyed a wonderful supper at our favourite place. All of this a total surprise. The fact they had travelled back from university to surprise me means so very much, a memory I shall cherish for many years to come.

Actions, acts of kindness as displayed, have the power to turn a day around and they do exactly that. Thanks Henry and Beth

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