50 Shades of Stroke – Mixed Emotions


As you are already aware I have recently experienced another setback and stay in hospital. Although I’m now home, meds have changed and increased dramatically and many more are tests booked along with a short procedure, although not what I had hoped for hopefully this time we will finally get to the bottom of this situation, therefore turning it into a positive. That said I am still feeling really rather unwell.

This in mind I visited Stanfield Nursing home, not as a resident I’m pleased to report, no disrespect intended here. The reason for my visit was as in my Ambassador role for the Stroke Association to meet Worcester Ukulele Club, who were playing for residents of the nursing home and presenting the Stroke Association with a very generous cheque as they have chosen Stroke as their charity this year. They also told me that one of their members is running the London marathon for the Stroke Association and as if that isn’t tough enough he is carrying his ukulele.

As I sat amongst the very welcoming staff and occupants of the home, my own health still being somewhat frail, I must admit my mind wondered a little to areas of negativity. The sadness of ending up in a home at some stage due to limitations and difficulties I have, not being able to drive either etc. It was I must admit a little like the chapter I call ‘Brick Wall’ in my book. I had to take stock of my thoughts, allow them in, give them time, then re-evaluate things. Take stock of my current situation and ask myself honestly am I being kind to myself? Am I listening and taking note of signs my body is giving me? Or am I listening to the signs, yet carrying on anyway? Are there more things I could be doing at the moment to assist this situation?

Mind back in the room, the super music and happy faces around, positivity returned yet at the same time something achieved too. As I made my way to say my goodbyes, I met a delightful family and spent an enjoyable time in conversation with them, so much so I completely forgot the time.

The power of kindness not only helps others but allows you to be in a frame of mind to help yourself, take check, give yourself a telling off if required. #50shadesofrecognition

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