50 Shades of Stroke – Kindness

. It is a week now, since the Stroke Association Resolution Run held at the beautiful Hagley Hall in Worcestershire. The generosity began with Lord Cobham’s kindness allowing us to host the event at such a stunning venue.

I was invited to give a small speech before the race, the warmth and kindness given in return by the people present was incredibly moving to me. But what they didn’t realise was that THEY who are special people who made the day and other days like it possible and special. For whatever reason took them there: running, cheering or supporting it was hugely appreciated and each and every one of you are respected for what they did, and I address YOU all now and give a huge thank you.

A crisp cold morning, didn’t deter these kind dedicated runners and supporters, who were ALL amazing. This being Mothering Sunday too, lots of families attended before heading off to their well-deserved Sunday lunch. I met some truly wonderful people and left the venue, that lunchtime, on a total high. Reflecting on it, a hundred and eighty plus people, most of which I had not met before, all so cheerful and engaging in wonderful conversation. It’s amazing that such an event can make strangers feel so close. 

There was such a mixture of people and ages. Some directly hit by stroke,

others having family members or friends who have experienced stroke and many avid runners with no connection at all to stroke too, simply there because running is their sport; others simply wanted to see Hagley Hall. Whatever the reason, everyone felt equally a part of this fun event. 

The course itself was hugely challenging so quite frankly if you can run that you can run any cross country course. This alone was immensely satisfying. I really admire each and every one who ran and supported the event. Once again a massive thank you to you all.  

Also as someone who was not able to take part, a huge thank you to the people serving the coffee and bacon baps, delicious.

Also thank you to Henry, my son for the touching message he sent me on Mothers Day, which brought a tear to my eyes. The power of words, when voiced openly to others mean a great deal. I hope this has come over in this blog, as it is heartfelt. 

To me events like this show the power of human kindness. Individually we can make a change, together we can move mountains. #conquerstroke #50shadesofstroke

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