50 Shades of Stroke – Aphasia

Another complication stroke survivor’s are faced with is Aphasia. This is a terribly frustrating complication, we can hear conversations as before, know how we would wish to respond or join in, yet we are unable to participate, the words we would like to say just wont come out. People often then begin to do one of two things they believe will help, yet truly they don’t. They talk to us in baby speak as if we have rewound our intellect back to toddler days; or they speak or answer questions for us by guessing what we are attempting to say. Don’t get me wrong , I’m not blaming them, none of us know how to handle the situation. Its just that although we appear to be displaying difficulty and are slow, we wish to get there unaided and finally get the words out. We can use pictures to illustrate things we are trying to say and help conversation this way.

One way to help improve the situation is music and singing. Somehow when we try to sing we tap into a different part of the brain plus we relax and we are able to participate in song. Yet when attempting simple sentences of normal speech, we concentrate so hard, it’s almost as though the breaks go on and speech becomes impossible.

One thing that helps me when I am having difficulty communicating with someone new is to focus with my eyes on something else other than who I am talking to.  I apologise and explain that I am not being rude but need to use the focus to concentrate on my response,  it works.

Music, song, practice, patience and self belief #50shadesofaphasia

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