50 Shades of Splendour


August Bank Holiday at Great Witley Court a fabulous feast for the eyes everywhere you look. The venue promises to be an entertaining day out for all the family a Victorian day with fire fighters and displays at the Court, a huge display of art with the outstanding back drop of Witley Court itself and to finish the day a cream tea in the tearoom. All of this off the beaten track such a hive of activity where you would least expect it. The Art varied: from every size, style and medium so there really is something for every taste. Along with paintings and prints displayed are jewellery and hand painted glass, again very individual and different. Wood turners have made bowls and other products too. I was pleased to be asked to have my books for sale at this venue also and am pleased to say I have sold several.

This roughly tells you about the setting and items I have been surrounded by this weekend but what really stands out to me over and above I’ve described so far is the thoughtfulness of everyone towards me. I have been unwell yet determined to soldier on and to continue to be part of the exhibition, not give in. It had been noticed that I wasn’t looking so well and other artists have been so thoughtful and kind towards me bringing drinks and cake to me, checking me constantly. Henry, my son and his girlfriend Beth kindly attended and took over sales too. When the day came to a close Beth sorted the float and settled me down on the sofa, making sure I rested whilst Henry cooked us all some delicious food. I felt so thoroughly cared for.

On the way to the exhibition that morning it had been a complete role reversal, as I’m no longer able to drive Henry, first made my packed lunch, leaving a note inside the packaging reminding me to take my lunch time medication, put them with my drink and me into the car, then drove me off for my day. It took us both back to school days where it was me driving him and now here we are a total role reversal.

The icing on the cake was when Anne, the lady who is the organiser of the exhibition and does all the hard work, phoned to ask if she could give my contact details to a newspaper. They had asked, as a result of seeing my work at the exhibition if they could do an article on me.

I hope you can visualize the my smile shining through the fatigue. #50shades of splendour in every way

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