50 Shades of Special People and New faces

This weekend thanks to the power of Twitter, the workings of my book and the energy and hard work of two very special people Nick Clarke and John Lee, I travelled to Stockport and attended an Autumn Ball where I met many more fabulous people.

Where to begin? Firstly, Nick is my friend I’ve met through Twitter, and has been now for I suppose almost twelve months. We chat very regularly yet had no idea when or if we would ever meet up. Both being stroke survivors, still being harboured by fatigue, living miles apart and me not being able to drive.

Nick and his friend John have set up their own charity ‘Stroke information’,

www.strokeinformation.co.uk which you can google or simply go to their website. These guys have not only conquered their own battles to do with stroke but they have raised thousands of pounds for stroke. They have also made it possible for the people donating to their organisation, and or attending their balls, to know exactly how that money helps survivors and their families, where it is going.This is what makes it more important and real for people to understand. This Saturday the money raised was for an aspect of stroke which is not so well known by everyone, Locked in syndrome.

Prior to his stroke, Nick was a footballer for and played for Stockport County , not your prime candidate like many of us for stroke. This is why like me, he feels so passionate about raising yet greater awareness, alongside helping people and their families whose lives have sadly been touched by stroke.

We had planned to arrive at night for the Ball only but Nick arranged for us to have tickets to see his team play that day first, which was I have to admit my first ever football match. I was greeted by Nick and we finally met for the first time, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, meeting Nick and his father and the team won too. A lovely Saturday afternoon.

We arrived at the venue which in one way was quite strange if you think about it, going to such a venue and not knowing anyone, yet it was as though we were locals, or long lost friends even. We were lucky to be on a table of eight delightful people and we enjoyed a wonderful evening where everything ran so smoothly as clearly so much time, work and effort had gone into the detail. A good evening had by all and hopefully a splendid amount raised for a brilliant cause.

It was lovely too that I could talk with Nick’s parents, meet his sister and brother in law briefly and the other very important man behind the whole event, John.

I mean it when I say, that obviously I would never have hoped to have had a stroke, what it has put me, my family and my friends through. Yet had I not endured all that I would not have met and shared such an enjoyable evening with these people, I mentioned individually that I truly hope I will meet up with them again. Next time, I hope we have a smaller table so we can talk more!

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